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Singing bowls for Meditation

These singbowls are good for stress relief, meditation and to help you sleep better. They have a melodic sound, are easy to play and their vibration is soft and gentle.

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Singing bowls for healing

These Singbowls are good for healing the body. They also suit people that prefer deeper tones for their meditation. Most people know them as hand beaten bowls or "hand made bowls".

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Singing bowls for cleansing space

These singing bowls are good for cleansing a space of negative energies. They are also used sometimes in classrooms to promote mindfulness and to get children's attention. They have a high pitched sound with very little vibration.

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Free Videos

Here are 11 free videos for everyone to enjoy and learn from. We will keep adding more videos in the free and Members sections in the future. 

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Singing Bowl Masterclass

Learn how to use Singing Bowls for healing, stress relief, meditation, good sleep, chakra balance, cleansing and much more. In the online masterclass, you will explore the practice of singing bowls from both a scientific and a spiritual perspective. Masterclass members get access to all the members-only videos, photos, articles, sound clips and guided meditations. You will also be invited to attend all our live events, workshops and sound bath at a discounted rate.

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