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About us

In December 2006 my wife and I were walking the trail to the top of Sarankot mountain in Pokhara, Nepal. Suddenly we heard the most beautiful sound resonating around us. A man was sitting by the side of the road playing a singing bowl. Captured be this peaceful resonate sound I thought about how if everyone in the world played a singing bowl for just a few minutes everyday, it would bring so much peace and joy to their life and the world.

Inspired by this, I spoke to my friends and family about starting a singing bowl business. They all thought I was crazy! But my vision had always been to travel the world making a living by entertaining and inspiring people to do what they loved doing.

So despite everyone thinking it was a bad idea, I went with it, and the Singbowl business was born. What continued to motivate me was this image of playing a singing bowl for someone at a market stall. I was chanting and singing for them with the bowl and they were saying "wowww!"

6 months after I started, I quit my full-time job as an accountant. Everyone definitely thought I was crazy! Even till this day, after 5 years of travelling throughout Australia and the USA doing festivals, markets and expos and featuring the most diverse range of singbowls in Australia, my Dad still asks me if "singing bowls are really all I do for work?"

Our beautiful quality singing bowls are handmade in Kathmandu, Nepal by many skilled craftsmen. Below are some pictures taken on one of my visits to Nepal.

The bowls are either cast or hand-beaten from 5 combined metals and the images are hand-carved on each bowl.

We have supplied singing bowls to many people and companies including Bell shakespeare and the Conservatorium of music. Our bowls have been played on stage at the Sydney Opera House, and with the Australian Brandenburg Orchestra. They are used by healers and practitioners throughout Australia, in New Caledonia and the USA. Many schools also purchase our bowls to provide a meditation instrument in the classroom, they have been used at the Sparks festival for people with disabilities, and of course, they have been bringing joy, peace, and healing to many people everyday.

If we have not already met at a market or expo, I look forward to one day meeting you and chanting and singing with a bowl together. Enjoy our website and singing bowls.


Anup Poudyal