Refund and Returns Policy

We give replacements, refunds or repair within 30 days of your purchase.


If the problem with a product or service is minor, you must accept a free repair. After we receive the product, please allow us 30 days to identify and fix the issue.

If we fail to give you a free repair within 30 days or cannot fix your problem, you can:

  • ask for a replacement
  • ask for a refund
  • recover compensation for the drop in value below the price paid.

Replacements and refunds

You can ask for a replacement or refund if the problem with the product is major within 30 days.


What is a major problem?

A bag has a major problem when:

  • it has a problem that would have stopped you from buying it if you’d known about it
  • it is significantly different from the sample or description
  • it is substantially unfit for its common purpose and can’t easily be fixed within a reasonable time
  • it doesn’t do what you asked for and can’t easily be fixed within a reasonable time; or
  • it is unsafe.

Returning the product

You are entitled to return a product if you believe that there is a problem. You are responsible for returning the product if it can be posted or easily returned.