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Vajra or Dorje

Vajra or Dorje is considered as one of the most powerful weapons in the universe. It is the weapon of the Indian vedic rain and thunder-deity Indra, and is used symbolically by the dharma traditions of Buddhism, Hinduism, often to represent firmness of spirit and spiritual power.
This Vajra is located infront of Adinath Lokeshowr Temple in chovar, Kritipur.
Vajra is a Sanskrit word meaning both thunderbolt and diamond. Additionally, it is a weapon which is used as a ritual object to symbolize both the properties of a diamond (indestructibility) and a thunderbolt (irresistible force). It is described as the weapon of Indra, the god of heaven and the chief deity of the Rigvedic pantheon. Indra is described as using the vajra to kill sinners and ignorant persons.
In Buddhism the vajra is the symbol of Vajrayana, one of the three major branches of Buddhism. Vajrayana is translated as "Thunderbolt Way" or "Diamond Way" and can imply the thunderbolt experience of Buddhist enlightenment or bodhi. It also implies indestructibility, just as diamonds are harder than other gemstones.
Photography By : @anil_stha4life
Photo via Email : Yugal Maharjan