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About Workshops:

What are the workshops about?
Our singing bowl workshop focus on developing your skills at playing and using singing bowls for meditation, stress relief, healing, cleansing spaces, cleansing crystals and chakra balancing. It is designed for all levels (beginners to advanced users).

Do I get to practise using different types of singing bowls?
It is a hands-on session, giving you a chance to practise using different types of bowls (both metallic and crystal), and we will answer any questions you have about using singing bowls in your daily life or therapeutic practise.
Where do I book?
Go to our workshop page to book.

Do I need to let you know when I book? 
No, we get the booking directly through the website and will have your name at the door. 

Can children attend the workshop? 
It would be suitable for children 9 years old and over to attend.

Do I need to have my own singing bowl?
No we always bring enough for the whole group to experience.

Are there bowls for sale at the workshop?
Yes we always bring a variety of bowls for people to test and buy if they wish.

What else should I bring?
A warm jacket, water to drink and a blanket, mat or cushion to sit on.

Will we be sitting on the floor?
There will either be chairs or cushions available at each venue. Please bring any specific seating items you need or prefer.

Can I buy a ticket on the day? 
The space is limited to 20 so we suggest booking in advance to guarantee you get a spot.