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Singing Bowl Masterclass

The Singing Bowl Masterclass will have everything you need to explore and practice singing bowls from a scientific as well as a spiritual perspective. There are 11 free videos for everyone to enjoy and learn from and there are 10 Videos for Masterclass Members. We will keep adding more videos in the free and Members sections in the future. 

Masterclass members are entitled to:

  1. Exclusive online videos
  2. 1 physical workshop OR ongoing support via Zoom for international customers.
  3. Discounted rate at our live sound baths and special offers.


BackGROUND and History

6 FREE VIDEOS: Before you learn how to use singing bowls for meditation, good sleep, stress relief, sound healing and cleansing space, let's go through some of the fundamentals and history of singing bowls, frequencies, chakra system and sound itself. These videos will give you a solid foundation for getting the whole picture.

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how to play singing bowls

5 FREE VIDEOS: Let's dive into the practical and technical aspects of playing different types of singing bowls. In this section, you will learn how to play metallic bowls as well as crystal bowls. You will learn about the speed the pressure and the angle. You will learn how to test a singing bowl for its properties and its frequencies.

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How to use Singing bowls

10 VIDEOS FOR MASTERCLASS MEMBERS ONLY: It's time to practice singing bowls for healing, meditation, mindfulness, cleansing space, stress relief and good sleep. How to introduce singing bowls to babies. How to look after your singing bowl and how to clean them. Things that you must avoid and things that you have to pay special attention to.

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