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Crown Chakra

Sanskrit: सहस्रार  Sahasrara

English: Crown Chakra

Location on the body: This energy center it is located either at the crown of the head, or above the crown of the head. 

Governance: It involves such issues as universal wisdom and release of karma. Physical it governs the state of meditation and manifestation , mentally it governs the link of the body with universal consciousness and unity, and emotional it governs beingness, stillness and nothingness.

Associated sense: This chakra is beyond any senses.

Musical Note: B

Frequency using 432 Hz Calibration: ... 30.3Hz, 60.6Hz, 121.2Hz, 242.5Hz, 484.9Hz, 969.8Hz, 1939.6Hz ... (If you want to go further up, keep doubling the last figure and if you want to down, half the figure in the front to the nearest first decimal point)

Colour: Violet, Golden or White (White is not related to the colour or crystal Singbowls)

Element: This chakra is beyond all elemants.

Geometrical representation: 1000 petals

Activation Mantra: Aum (Pronounced Ohm)

Associated Deity: Brahma and Yakini

Associated Planet: Saturn

Associated Zodiac Sign: Aquarius

Associated Crystals: Blue Sapphire, Amethyst, Clear Quartz and Flourite

Associated Essential Oils: Henna, Jatamansi, Brahmi, Sage, Rosemary, Holy Basil and Lotus