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Use these practitioners healing singbowl - hand beaten. These therapeutic grade singing bowls have a very powerful vibration and very deep sound.

These bowls are are individually hammered by hand using 5-7 combined metals. They are polished with a brushed metal finish creating a unique look and sound to each one. They have an amazing deep vibration which resonates like the sound of the universe "Ohm". This strong vibration resonates throughout your entire body, and as you play the bowl all tension and stress begin to fade away and release. These bowls are best used for healing - both physical and energetic - and many practitioners use then for sound massage. Please go through all the images to see how you can play these bowls on various body parts. Note: Bowls that are 1.5kg and smaller will be slightly more difficult to play on a person's body as the sides of the bowl will touch the body, however they are very easy to play on the palm of your own hand. If you fill these bowls with water and play them, you can create a standing wave - which looks like the water is showering upwards.

Each bowl produces a range of sounds and harmonics. You will hear two very distinct sounds - resonating with two chakras. A deeper tone when you rotate the mallet around the bowl and a higher tone (usually a fourth or fifth above) when striking the bowl. 

Some of the very large bowls have such a deep frequency that their tone continues to shift. Some practitioners believe these bowls resonate with all chakras. These bowls are quite rare.

practitioners healing singbowl - hand beaten, practitioners healing singbowl - hand beaten, practitioners healing singbowl - hand beaten, practitioners healing singbowl - hand beaten, practitioners healing singbowl - hand beaten.

Diameter: approx. 19cm - 25cm
Total Weight: 1300g - 2000g
Made in: Nepal
Key Note: Various
Chakra: Various

Package contains:
Singing bowl
Striking mallet
Colourful handmade cushion (various colours)

Important notes:
1) Every bowl is individually made so the weight, size and colour will vary slightly. This will also result in the sound of each bowl to be different. Slight imperfections like scratches, dents and finger marks are result of the hand making process.
2) Please allow 7-9 Days for delivery.

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How to clear crystals using a singing bowl: Place you crystals in the middle of the bowl. It is very important to place a soft cloth beneath the crystals so that they do not rattle or crack against the metal. Start to play the bowl by rotating the mallet in a clockwise direction. It is important to start in a clockwise direction as this is the direction for sending energy out from the bowl - hence clearing the crystal. Continue until you feel the crystal is cleared.

Note: This technique can be used for clearing energy on jewellery or any object.
How to charge a crystal with energy from your singing bowl: Once your crystal is cleared (see above), it is ready to receive energy. Again, place you crystals in the middle of the bowl on a soft cloth. This time, play the bowl by rotating the mallet in a counter-clockwise direction. This direction brings energy into the bowl and therefore into the crystal. If you wish to imbue the crystal with a particular intention, have this thought in your mind, let the sound enhance it, and image the energy being sent from you, through the bowl into the crystal. Continue until you you feel the crystal is ready.
Note for left handers: Some people feel that if you play the bowl left-handed (mallet in your left hand) then the direction is reversed - counter-clockwise for clearing and clock-wise for energising. This does feel most effective but we advise you experiment to see what feel best for you.