Singing Bowl Made of Turquoise



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Singing bowl made of Turquoise. It has a very beautiful loud constant sound and can be used for group meditation or healing.

Turquoise is believed to promote self-realisation and assist in creative problem solving. It is seen as a symbol of friendship and romantic love. Turquoise has been used for centuries in enhancing the immune system, stimulate the regeneration of tissue, and healing the whole body.

It is a great gift for a VIP client or wedding present. It looks beautiful and has a very smooth texture. Due to it's smooth texture, the sound is also very smooth and long lasting. It weighs around 2500g.

Some of our clients have used crystal singing bowls to infuse their exact frequency into water, juice and wine. When doing these experiments don't pour the liquid directly into the bowl. Put a soft cloth inside the bowl at the bottom and put the container filled with liquid on the cloth. Then play the bowl for 1 minute at a constant sound. Many of our costumers have found improvement on the taste.  

The sound being deeper or higher pitched does not correlate with lower or higher chakras, so for example if a bowl has a F note then that bowl is for the heart chakra. Now F note could be a high pitch or  a low pitch, If the bowl is small then it would have a high pitch and the bowl is big then it would be a low pitch sound. Despite the pitch, the F note always relates to the heart chakra.

These bowls sometimes have pinhead size bubbles on the surface. It may sometimes also have pinhead size dark spots which are part of the crystal. You should not put any liquid in these bowls or put them in the sun for too long. The fact that they are made of crystals does make them fragile  

Please look at the video to get some understanding of the sound of different sizes. It will also teach you how to play different size bowls.

Please refer to the information below to chose the bowl that corresponds with the chakra you want to impact. (The only exception in the information below is that the Singbowl that corresponds with Crown Chakra is violet colour not white.)

Package contains:
1. Singing bowl
2. Striking mallet
3. Rubber Ring
4. Carton Box

Important notes:

1) Every bowl is individually made so the weight, size and colour will vary slightly. This will also result in the sound of each bowl to be different. Slight imperfections like scratches, dents and finger marks are result of the hand making process.

2) Please allow 7-9 Days for delivery.

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