Deep: Green Tibetan Mantra - for Space Clearing




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These Singbowls are great for cleansing space of negative energy because of their high pitch sound.

They are hand painted with the Tibetan Mantra for compassion - "Om Mani Pemi Ohm".

Diameter: ranges from 7.5cm - 11.5cm
Total Weight: ranges from 250g - 850g
Made in: Nepal
Key Note: Various
Chakra: Various

Package contains:
1. Singing bowl
2. Striking mallet
3. Colourful handmade cushion (various colours)

Important notes:
Every bowl is individually made so the weight, size and colour will vary slightly. This will also result in the sound of each bell to be different.

Simple house cleansing: Start at your front door with the singing bowl in your hand. Start to play the bowl by rotating the stick around the edge, producing a ringing sound. Walk slowly through your home, room or building, in a clockwise direction if possible, focusing on the sound filling the space and dispersing any negative and trapped energy. Also walk clockwise through each room. When you reach a corner, tap the bowl on the edge to produce a higher pitched sound. This helps to disperse negative energy trapped in the corners. Finish your cleanse back at the place you started. This process should take 2-5mins.