Clear Quartz Crystal Bowls




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These  bowls have a very melodic and long lasting sound. The bowls themselves are much lighter than the frosted quartz bowls and compared to their size the sound is much deeper. They are excellent for stress relief, meditation, getting a good sleep at night and calm the children down. Bigger bowls usually have a deeper sound and smaller bowls will have a higher pitch sound. You can put liquid like water or wine in these bowls and play them for charging it up. You will notice a significant change in the taste in red wines. It is also believed that water which has been charged with these bowls are much better absorbed by the cells of the body.

Do not put these bowls in the sun for too long. The fact that they are made of quartz crystals does make them fragile

The sound being deeper or higher pitched does not correlate with lower or higher chakras, so for example if a bowl has a F note then that bowl is for the heart chakra. Now F note could be a high pitch or a low pitch, If the bowl is small then it would have a high pitch and the bowl is big then it would be a low pitch sound. Despite the pitch, the F note always relates to the heart chakra. We do not offer the service of choosing these bowl relating to specific chakras. We never know which chakra the bowl  relates to while the bowl is being made. Only after the bowls is completely finished we can test the sound of that bowl and find out which chakras it related to. Having said that every rainbow bowl that we have ever played has always sounded magical. If you are very specifically looking for a specific chakra bowl then it's best to go with the Coloured Frosted Singbowls.

Package contains:
Singing bowl
Striking mallet

Important notes:
Every bowl is individually made so the weight and size will vary slightly. This will also result in the sound of each bowl to be different.

Meditation for better sleep: Just before going to bed, sit quietly on or near your bed with your Singbowl in hand. Start to play the bowl. Hold the bowl close to your heart whilst playing, to feel the resonance. If you find the bowl becomes too heavy, you can sit the bowl on your lap. Close your eyes and imagine the sound washing over your body, notice any physical tension and allow that to release. Let the sound carry through your mind and thoughts. Imagine all the thoughts of the day are washing away. Allow them to arise and then dissipate - don't judge them or force them - they will flow away naturally. When you feel complete, place the bowl beside your bed and lie down ready for sleep. Just before you close you eyes you can reach over and gently strike the bowl with the mallet once. Listen to the sound fade to silence as you close your eyes and drift to sleep.