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Workshop FAQ's

What is the process after I register for the Singing Bowl masterclass?

After you register, you will receive a welcome text/email with your password to access your exclusive videos. By this time you would have either watched all the free videos or will start watching the free videos. After you have finished watching all the free videos you can start watching all the exclusive videos using the password. You don't need to log in to your account to watch any videos, just enter your password for the individual videos. The next step will be to either attend the physical workshop or a zoom workshop where you will learn the practical side. If you are attending a physical workshop, let us know which location you will be coming to. If you want to do the zoom workshop, we will organise a time that would suit you. The next step would be to email me any specific questions that have not been covered. 

What happens at the physical workshop?

The physical workshop is all about practising the art and science of using singing bowls for yourself and others. At the workshop, you'll have access to a large variety of bowls to explore the different benefits of each. You can utilise the group environment to practise using singing bowls for bodywork and healing. I will teach you some very specific techniques that can only be explained in person. You'll have extra guidance for practising singing bowls for meditation and cleansing and you will also get to ask any questions that may apply specifically to you.

What do I need to bring to the workshop?

Bring your bowl/bowls, yoga mat, cushion, water, notepad and pen. Wear comfortable clothes and bring a blanket if it is cold. Bring food if the workshop is 3hr or longer and if it is an evening workshop, eat some snacks before you get there (it's hard to learn on an empty stomach). If you don't have a bowl, that's fine, they will be plenty at the workshop to practice with and purchase. However, I'd encourage you to get one and practice with it whilst watching all the online videos. Treat the workshop as a place to advance your knowledge and skills.

Do I need to watch the videos before I come to the workshop?

The workshops run for 2-3 hrs. In previous workshops we ran, most of the time had been spent on teaching everyone how to play singing bowls at a basic level and answering many theoretical questions such as "How are they made?", "What metals are used?", "How do we clean it?", "Are the bowls tuned to 432hz?" etc. All these questions have now been answered elaborately in the videos. So if you watch the videos and practice with your bowl before coming to the workshop, you will be able to utilise the workshop to add more advanced skills and master your singing bowl.

Where are all the free videos and exclusive videos?

Here are the links to the free videos:

1. History and background on singing bowls

2. How to play singing bowls

Here is the link to the exclusive videos. The password for these would have been sent to you via text.

1. How to use singing bowls (This is where you will need the password)

How do I cancel my membership?

You can cancel your membership anytime by either emailing/texting us. email: Mobile: +61 430116030. You can also rejoin anytime with the current price at the time.