Meditation Singbowls - Gulpa Round 2000g Coloured



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Relief stress, sleep better and meditate using these therapeutic grade singing bowls hand crafted in Nepal.

This cast Gulpa Singbowl is great for meditation, stress relief and helping you sleep better. It can be used to calm children and help them stay focused and retain information for their studies. Some of the bowls are decorated with Ohm mani padme ohm mantra which is one of the most powerful mantras in Tibetan Buddhism. Other designs feature the ashtamangala symbols - the 8 auspicious buddhist symbols.

Diameter: 22.5cm as measured at the widest part of the bowl
Total Weight: 2000g
Made in: Nepal
Key Note: C, D, or E
Chakra: Base, Sacral or Solar plexus
Material: Bronze Alloy (5 metals)

Package contains:
1. Singing bowl
2. Striking mallet
3. Colourful handmade cushion (various colours)

Important notes:
1) Every bowl is individually made so the weight and size will vary slightly. This will also result in the sound of each bowl to be different.
2) We make the bowl especially for your order from scratch to please allow 2-3 weeks for making and delivery.

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Meditation for better sleep: Just before going to bed, sit quietly on or near your bed with your Singbowl in hand. Start to play the bowl. Hold the bowl close to your heart whilst playing, to feel the resonance. If you find the bowl becomes too heavy, you can sit the bowl on your lap. Close your eyes and imagine the sound washing over your body, notice any physical tension and allow that to release. Let the sound carry through your mind and thoughts. Imagine all the thoughts of the day are washing away. Allow them to arise and then dissipate - don't judge them or force them - they will flow away naturally. When you feel complete, place the bowl beside your bed and lie down ready for sleep. Just before you close you eyes you can reach over and gently strike the bowl with the mallet once. Listen to the sound fade to silence as you close your eyes and drift to sleep.

The video below will give you a good idea of the sound of 2kg Gulpa Singbowls. You will notice that tapping the bowl will give a different note to playing the bowl. Another reminder that every bowl is individually hand made for you so even bowl that are the same size and colour will have a slightly different sound.